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Ferguson is still happening.

Hong Kong is still trying.

Our world is crying out and we cannot contribute to its silence.


Greatest artist to live

No joke. Steve from “Blues Clues” is one of the reasons that I really got into drawing. It’s kind if embarrassing, but it’s true. The fact that he could draw such recognizable things so quickly was insane to me.I dunno, random thoughts :)


Greatest artist to live

No joke. Steve from “Blues Clues” is one of the reasons that I really got into drawing. It’s kind if embarrassing, but it’s true. The fact that he could draw such recognizable things so quickly was insane to me.

I dunno, random thoughts :)

thereoncewasagirllikeyou asked
Hey ! Amazing work ! I would love to see your interpretation on Sailor Moon !




I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while! However…after what happened with my Penny Proud Drawing, I’d be scared to draw the sailor scouts :/

Honestly I saw nothing wrong, but I did see some peoples point of view. We as African Americans, specifically African American women, have had our image warped by the media to where if you don’t have perfectly toned skin, a button nose, bone straight hair and so on you’re ugly or there is something wrong with you. So I got what people were saying when it came to Penny, who in my opinion you had drawn quite nicely. Penny has a fairly light skin skin tone between Oscar and Trudy and just like her little sister sort of leans toward her mothers complexion, who until I saw the episode that introduced Trudy’s side of the family, I thought she was mixed. Having a white mother or father or African American mother of father. But back to my point that still doesn’t excuse what people said, You are a damn good artist who did what any good , respectable artist would do and looked for constructive criticism on what to improve when you got backlash for it. A lot of what they said against was some misguided anger. Instead of trying to help you better yourself, they decided to tear you down instead. And when you came up with the final piece I was even more impressed with you because the people who did give you the appropriate criticism, you LISTENED and actually worked on what needed work. So go ahead and do the sailor scouts, look at live cosplayers, other artists fanart, and the actual sailor scouts for references on what you need to avoid and what you could better yourself on if you’re that worried about people coming down on you. Just do your damn thing because you’re not trying to be white, you don’t draw white girls because that’s whats right, you don’t purposely alter characters of any ethnicity features because button noses and straight hair is where it’s at and that’s what society wants. You’re drawing and doing what you love, you’re an artist who like most, is still improving yourself every damn time you pick up that pencil and don’t you ever let anyone take that away from you because just like everyone else you make mistakes, you might be doing something unintentionally and not know it, and instead of getting defensive, you want to BETTER yourself. And I think not only does that make you an excellent artist but an excellent person as well. Just do you. 

Honestly. I think the thing that hurt me the most about it, was that some of them seed to think I did this INTENTIONALLY. As an African American male, this cut me to the core. My Mother is 
African American. My Grandmother is African American. My sisters are African American. I’M AFRICAN AMERICAN!


I color pick/eyedrop the colors from every single All Grown Up piece that I do. One, to help maintain the original color scheme as closely as possible. And Two, because it makes coloring that much easier. So If i picked the wrong reference picture of Penny to use, MY BAD.

When it comes down to the features,  Looking back at it now I can admit that my original Penny might have been a little off. But definitely not as much as people made it seem. I get so excited to do these pieces that I rarely look up reference (even when I should. I HATE DRAWING FEET) and I just jump right into drawing the characters! Do I think my original Penny was a perfect representation of the character? No.  Do I think my original Penny looked White/Caucasian? Absolutely not!

Once I got feedback, I tried to fix that. But some people just took their critiquing way too far.

I’m an artist. So naturally, I am very sensitive. I know I need to build thicker skin when it comes to taking criticism. But some people don’t realize that there is a HUGE difference between a CRITIQUE and an INSULT.

But honestly…Thank you guys! Your support means so much to me. You guys keep me sane! And If you guys want to see me draw the sailor scouts, than god dammit, I’m gonna draw the sailor scouts!

Though I know I’ll inevitably end up pissing someone off :/


In some countries, they call him “Wally”, but in others, they have a different name…

sketch_dailies #31 - CARMEN SANDIEGO







Beautiful cos-playing!

OMG ;_;


Black women cosplaying… Living for it

can we talk about rogue


This is my favorite picture set!!! 

Y’all betta work!!!!